For far too long, people with disabilities have lacked representation in popular media. It’s time to do something about it.

From online gambling to social accountability

Visibility for Disability is a project created to make better seeing and recognition for people living with disorders. Through the work of an international team of volunteers, this project seeks to create awareness and promote understanding of problems by providing resources, educational materials, and advocacy opportunities. This initiative is supported by Jet Casino , an online gaming platform with a commitment to social responsibility. Educational materials (gambling too!) are available in multiple languages so that everyone can access the necessary information regardless of verbiage barriers. 

A big dream from the childhood

If a child says they want to be an online gambler when they grow up, it’s important to talk to them about the potential risks. Virtual playing can be a fun and exciting way to pass time and potentially make money, but there are also a lot of risks involved. Children should understand that all forms of these activities involve taking a crapshoot and that it’s possible to lose money. Parents need to explain the danger associated with Jet Casino and the industry for underage players, such as addiction or financial loss, so children can make informed decisions when they are old enough to play.

Grownups should also make sure kids understand that the internet is not a way to get rich quickly. Explain how the house edge works and that it’s impossible to win in the long run due to this advantage. It is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to gambling and understand that they may lose funds, even if they are experienced.

Finally, adults should set a good example by avoiding exciting activities themselves, or at least ensure that any of them is done responsibly. This will help youths comprehend the importance of habits in moderation and learn how to manage money effectively at Jet Casino. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that everyone within the household understands the restrictions and boundaries regarding games of chance.

The main rule of all virtual platforms

If a person gambles on the internet while they are under 18, they can face serious legal repercussions. In the United States, casino activities are illegal for anyone under the age of 21, and most websites have an age-verification process to make sure that all users are over the legal age limit. In Canada, the legal age is 18 or older. Virtual playing while underage can lead to criminal charges and fines. It is prohibited to provide or operate an online casino in Canada if it is not approved by a provincial government. Any person found guilty of operating an unlicensed platform can face prison time and hefty fines, and any who is found gaming while underage can also face criminal charges. In addition to legal repercussions, kids can have serious financial consequences. Jet Casino and other resources are legally obligated to take appropriate measures to verify the age of all customers before allowing them to place bets. If someone gambles using a false identity or an account that belongs to someone over the age of 18, they run the risk of having their winnings seized and any losses or debts canceled. 

For example, according to the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC), anyone under 18 years who plays games of chance faces up to six months in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000. To help protect minors from the possible consequences of underage gambling, it is important for parents, guardians, educators, and other adults to be aware of the signs of problems among minors.


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